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Vending news
Wednesday, October 31 2018

Date17 October 2018

The new $50 banknote enters general circulation on 18 October, marking a milestone in the upgrade of Australia's banknotes. The $50 is the most widely circulated banknote, accounting for nearly half of the total value of banknotes in use, and it is the denomination primarily used in ATMs.

The new $50 is the third denomination in the new series of banknotes and follows the release of the $5 and $10 over the past two years. The new $20 is expected to be issued in 2019 and the new $100 in 2020.

Governor Philip Lowe said ‘We were keen for the new $5 and $10 to be well accepted before we launched the most popular note, the $50. This has involved working closely with businesses to assist cash handlers and cash-handling machines to identify and use the notes, which will help minimise disruption to people and businesses.’

The new $50 retains the basic design elements from the previous series. It features portraits of Aboriginal writer and inventor, David Unaipon, and Australia's first female member of parliament, Edith Cowan. They were both campaigners for social change and their work is recognised in several design elements on the banknote. The microprint includes excerpts of Unaipon's book, Legendary Tales of the Australian Aborigines, and Cowan's first speech to the Western Australian Parliament.

The new banknote also has the same security features as the $5 and $10 to deter counterfeiting. It has a top-to-bottom clear window that contains a number of dynamic features including a reversing number and flying bird, as well as microprint and a patch with a rolling colour effect.

It also has a ‘tactile’ feature to help the vision-impaired community distinguish between different denominations of banknotes. On the $50 banknote, this is four raised bumps on each of the long edges of the banknote.

As with any new banknote release, it will take time for the new banknotes to be widely available. While the existing series of banknotes will be progressively withdrawn from circulation, they will retain their legal tender status and can continue to be used.

Full details of the design and security features on the new $50 banknote, and other denominations are available on the Bank's website at

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Thursday, November 30 2017

The new look $10 notes have now been in circulation since September.  These new notes have a vast array of new security features to prevent fraud and counterfeiting.  

Existing $10 notes will still remain legal tender, but they will gradually be taken out of circulation.
The nation's banknotes are all being changed to upgrade their security features, and the biggest change will occur next year when the new $50 note is introduced. The $50 note is the most widely circulated, but also the most counterfeited note in the country.

Full article here

Need to upgrade your note readers?

We have technicians on hand to provide new $10 note upgrades for ICT & Pyramid note readers from just $9.95 
MEI, NRI, Coin-Co and BV50 $10 note upgrades also available. If you still need $5 upgrades also available.

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Sunday, February 12 2017

Vending machines are traditionally associated with quick and easy snack and drinks to grab and go when you need refreshments in a hurry.   The thing is they can be used to vend almost anything including bike parts, retail products, Moet and Chandon, and even luxury vehicles!

Recently the team at Rvend were approached by our friends at @96FMPerth to see if we could help them out with a vending solution for a new on-air promo for Carmen and Fitzi centred around a prize giving vending machine.  

The outcome "The 8:15 Vending machine" a  competition on air each morning at, you guessed it 8:15 am.  Listeners get the chance to select a row and spiral number on the vending machine and the prize that vends is the prize they win. They can win  prizes including cash, tickets and vouchers...or the more traditional packet of chips or a can of soft drink.

Next time you think about retailing out of hours, providing convenience products to your customers or for any vending machine solution let your mind wander and think outside the square as there are many many solutions available through vending machines.

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Wednesday, October 05 2016

The Bank has released images of the new $5 banknote that came into circulation on 1 September 2016. The images show the basic design artwork of each side of the banknote. As previously announced, key aspects of the existing design – colour, size and people portrayed – are retained for ease of recognition and to minimise the disruption to businesses. There is a new ‘tactile’ feature to help the vision-impaired community distinguish between different denominations of banknotes.

The Governor, Glenn Stevens, said:
‘Innovative new security features have been incorporated to help keep Australia’s banknotes secure from counterfeiting into the future. As can be seen in the images, these include a distinctive top-to-bottom window. Each banknote in the new series will depict a different species of Australian wattle and a native bird within a number of the elements. On the $5 banknote, these are the Prickly Moses wattle and the Eastern Spinebill.’

Read the full article

Need to upgrade your note readers?

We have technicians on hand to provide new $5 note upgrades for ICT & Pyramid note readers from just $9.95 
MEI, NRI, Coin-Co and BV50 $5 note  upgrades also available.

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Sunday, July 12 2015

Young athlete Calan Williams is steadily working towards his dream career as an international racing driver, having recently progressed from a stellar run in Go Karting where he commenced at Tiger Kart Club at just 7 years of age.

In early 2015 Calan was given the opportunity to step up to Formula Ford as part of the Driver Development Program with the team at Fastlane Racing WA. This amazing opportunity brings Calan a step closer to achieving his dreams. 

The Williams family have worked hard to support Calan and we at Rvend are delighted to lend a hand by way of sponsorship and wish him all the best as he pursues his racing dreams.

Watch this space as this young man is going places at great speed. 

in 2018 Calan joined the Fortec Motorsports and has been competing in the Euroformula Open Series. Completing his most recent round at Monza means that he has now competed on every circuit in the Euroformula Open calendar and will now switch his focus to 2019 and stepping up my program with Fortec Motorsports to compete for wins at this level.

Calans website 

See more of Calans story on you tube. 

Follow Calan's Journey via his facebook page at Facebook/Calan Williams Racing

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Wednesday, July 01 2015

What are Healthy Choices?

Nutritionists recommend a diet where moderation is the key when it comes to snacks and treats and even more important is the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Recently we here at Rvend, have seen a marked increase in the demand for healthy option vending machines.   
We have a wide range of healthy drinks and snacks options to choose from and in some cases where the demand is strong we have been able to supply a 100% fresh fruit vending machine.  Those that have been in place in larger organisiation have proven to be very popular. 
Another popular option is to include healthy products within the range, so users are able to make the choice at the time of purchase. Some of the most popular healthy options are:
  • Water 
  • Cheese and Crackers 
  • Tuna and Crackers 
  • Nut and seed bars
  • Mixed nuts

Here are more healthy choice product options to consider.

Working with you we customise the range of products to suit your requirements. We also specialise in combination drink and snack vending machines ranged with healthy options.
Contact Mike  on 0408 949 406 if you would like any further information.

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Thursday, September 25 2014

Recent conservation efforts  

During August, Susan Hunt, CEO at Perth Zoo led an expedition up to the Jungle School in Sumatra, Indonesia with a news crew to share an exclusive look at what they're doing in the wild to save wildlife. 

Read the article
You can read the full Thinkers of the Jungle Perth Now story online.

The article provides readers with insight into the world of orangutans, along with a glimpse into genuine conservation in action.
The piece also highlights the significance of support from donations (and sponsors) which makes a tangible difference.

Rvend are proud to support Perth Zoo through ongoing sponsorship. You can help too, visit Perth Zoo to learn more and help. 

4 Y.O. Dora with Perth Zoo board member Nicole Moody and Perth Zoo CEO Susan Hunt 
Picture Richard Hatherly

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Thursday, April 24 2014

Early morning visits to Perth Zoo to fill the ice cream vending machines are a real pleasure for the team at Rvend, sometimes we are lucky enough to see Tricia the elephant as she enjoys her early morning walk with her keeper. We do sometimes wonder what she thinks of our large grey van and if it could be mistaken for another elephant. Though I am sure it is unlikely as having recently turned 57, Tricia is probably a lot wiser that most of us.  Find out more about how the team at Perth Zoo helped Tricia celebrate her birthday…

photo courtesy of Perth Zoo ©

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Wednesday, February 12 2014

5 Kisses for Pleasure Seekers

Spoil your loved one with a kiss from the new Magnums Kiss range.

Which will become your favourite Kiss? The First Kiss, the Loving Kiss, Passionate Kiss, Flirty Kiss and last but not least the Stolen Kiss.

Enjoy discovering your favourite Kiss.

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Sunday, October 06 2013

Introducing the all new ST5000 elevator vending machine. This new elevator technology provided the safest delivery of food and drinks from the vending machine to you.  The elevator panel moves up to your product allowing your item to gently move onto the elevator and be taken safely to the bottom shelf for delivery direct to your customers.  Contact us for more information.

View the video>>>    See it in action vending bananas>>>

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