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  • What's the catch?
    When people see the word free they automatically think there is going to be a catch. However, there really are no hidden charges. Besides the cost of electricity to run the vending machine the only thing that you will ever have to pay for are the snacks and drinks you purchase from your free vending machine.   back to top

  • Will the low product prices increase after the vending machine has been installed?
    Our product prices will only ever increase if supply companies raise their prices. Our prices will always be cheaper than at the local shop, deli or mobile lunch vans etc.  back to top

  • If we are unhappy with the service will we be stuck with the vending machine?
    Definitely not, in the highly unlikely event that you are not satisfied in any way, you are under no obligation whatsoever to keep the machine.   back to top

  • Can we choose the products to go into our vending machine?
    We offer a huge range of snacks, drinks, ice creams and frozen foods and your suggestions on product range are always welcome.   back to top

  • Will we need lots of small change?
    Not at all, most vending machines now accept credit cards as well as notes and coins so this wont be a problem.   back to top

  • Will the machine be regularly stocked?
    Yes definitely, your vending machine will be kept fully stocked and for high volume locations we will restock as required, daily or weekly so you always have drinks, snacks and food options available for your team.   back to top

  • Do you supply healthier options?
    Yes we do, this area is changing all the time. Just visit our healthy choice page which lists the options available. We now stock the very healthy, delicious and popular YouFoodz range.  back to top

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    Rvend is the supplier of choice for
    vending machines in Perth, Western Australia.
    We have operators in Adelaide SA, Melbourne VIC, Sydney NSW and Brisbane QLD.



    Phone     Mike - 0408 949 406
    Mail         PO Box 78 Westminster WA 6061
    Address  Unit 13 / 14 Kalinga Way Landsdale
                             *by appointment