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  • How much does it cost me to purchase a vending machine?
    This depends on the kind of unit you would like to purchase. Rvend supplies quality USI and AMS vending machines, built in the USA for reliability and energy efficiency. These vending machines take notes as well as coins and also have a system that ensures a product is vended, if not the machine will give another selection or refund. Rvend vending machines start from $6000 and go up to $9000. Second hand vending machines can vary in price from $1500 to $5000. Send an enquiry form for a quote.   back to top

  • Do you vending machines accept credit card payments?
    Yes all Rvend vending machines are able to accept credit card payments, which is a must for many sites these days.   back to top

  • Do you also operate vending machines?
    Yes we can operate and manage a vending machine for you, this is a free onsite vending machine. Alternatively you can rent or buy a new vending machine and operate it yourself and receive all profits.   back to top

  • How often do I need to service my vending machine?
    This is site dependent. Over time you will know how often you need to attend your vending machine system. Remote monitoring is available and can be accessed from your computer to let you know when a dispenser requires filling or when it has a problem.  back to top

  • What if I need parts or service?
    We keep a good stock of spare parts and can help you with any questions regarding servicing of new and used vending equipment.  back to top

  • Which vending machine unit is right for me?
    Generally, you would need more than 20 people for a small unit, and about 50 people for a larger one. This also varies depending on the hours it is accessible and the type of people using it.  back to top

  • What happens if something goes wrong?
    Technicians are available to assist with any problems you may encounter. Assistance over the phone is available or we can come and fix it for you.  back to top

  • What types of vending machines are available?
    Drink machines sell standard size cans and bottles. Adjustments can be made to sell smaller cans as well. Snack machines to sell chips, chocolates, cookies, bagged lollies and long life food vending products. Combo machines to sell snacks and drinks all in the one machine. Frozen vending machines for ice creams, frozen foods etc. Outside food vending machines, which are more robust are for use in outdoor locations.  back to top

  • How long will it take to receive a vending machine?
    It all depends on the type of machine you are after, we have many in stock but if the model you require isn't, as the state distributor for USI vending machines we can order for just in time delivery. They can be supplied within a couple of days after we set them up to vend the products you require.   back to top

  • Where can I purchase coin mechanisms, note readers or credit card systems?
    Rvend supply and install credit card systems, coin mechanisms and note readers.  back to top

  • Can you arrange transport to a location?
    Yes, we have a reliable local transport operator we recommend and can also arrange transport for you.  back to top

  • Where do I buy my products?
    You can buy the lollies, drinks and snacks from wholesalers. Don't forget to take advantage of special deals at major discount retailers and supermarkets.  back to top

  • I am a vending operator, can you help me find sites?
    Yes we can, we work closely with a full time site finder. When leads become available we pass them on to operators on our database. If you want to join the list simply fill in you details on the contact us page.   back to top

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    Rvend is the supplier of choice for
    vending machines in Perth, Western Australia.
    We have operators in Adelaide SA, Melbourne VIC, Sydney NSW and Brisbane QLD.



    Phone     Mike - 0408 949 406
    Mail         PO Box 78 Westminster WA 6061
    Address  Unit 13 / 14 Kalinga Way Landsdale
                             *by appointment